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Foamless = Homeless

In my series,  Foamless = Homeless, I create a narrative featuring an ambiguous coming disaster, which could be natural or man-made. Homes, and the notions of everyday life are threatened, so a solution is developed and propagated: cover your home in foam. The solution may seem bizarre, but foam was used to seal contaminated nuclear facilities in Chernobyl, preventing nuclear material from spreading into the soil and water. The foam has also been used in areas that have land-mines, as the foam’s cushion creates a buffer, which prevents the land mine bomb from detonating.  The foam is fire, water and radiation proof, and it will stand strong against all of the elements for generations.

This series included, a sculpture/model which was used in the digital photographs. As well as a series of propaganda posters, and a coloring book illustrating the process of preparing for a disaster.

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